Support of all standard voice features

TelTel PBX ensures all standard voice features including call forwarding, attended and blind transfers, IVR, short numbers, voicemails, hold, etc.

Call recording

Both incoming and outgoing calls are recorded automatically. All recordings are available for playback and can be downloaded from the web dashboard or API.

Call flow builder - routing

Intelligent call routing with pre-defined criteria based on your needs and preferences. With our Call Flow Builder feature, you can manage your inbound calls coming to the call center step by step.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Create your multi-level interactive voice response (IVR) menu to guide the caller through different options. Make sure they are always directed to the right department, agent or group of agents and that they are receiving relevant information through customized messages.

Automatic outbound caller ID

TelTel allows you to set an outbound caller ID automatically based on the call destination country and user group. Your clients abroad will receive a local phone call instead of an international one.

Business Hours

Set customized schedules to confirm exactly when each of your numbers are available to receive calls.

Connect IP phones

You can connect any IP phone supporting the SIP protocol to TelTel IP PBX. It could be a hardware IP phone, a softphone on your computer or a phone application on your mobile phone.

Call Queuing

Give inbound callers the option to remain in queue until one of your agents is available to talk.

Incoming call routing options

Calls can be automatically routed to an agent based on - previous call, selected language, imported contact custom parameters, read parameters from HTTP request, time and campaign options.

Caller ID

Personalize your communication with clients from the very beginning. We will show you the name of the caller, their phone number and much more even before the connection is established.

Call Center Analytics

Keep track of all your call center metrics— including wait time, missed call rate, and call volume in one single place.

SMS / Text messages

Send your customers personal messages or general notifications hence making your call center way more effective. Automated text messages save time and facilitate the work of your agents.

Personalized ringtone and music

You can create personalized ringing, on-hold, incoming call rings played to the caller based on specific situations.

Call statistics

Track the performance of your call center. TelTel is a truly data-based call center analytics software. Complex statistics on calls, agents and call queues all in one place. Make smart decisions based on relevant data.

Real-time dashboard

Monitor your call center activities in real time. All important data on inbound calls and agent productivity are always at your disposal, always up-to-date.

Custom reporting

Do you need more than our standard TelTel statistics? Use filters to view data according to your needs. For example, by agent, phone number, queue or timeframe. This will generate reports that are relevant to your business.

SMS Webhooks

TelTel sends requests to your application via HTTP webhook or websocket. Those requests contain all information about SMS messages, including multiple parameters such as phone numbers, status, sender id, sms id, time, etc


Integrate TelTel with your systems and you will be able to import and export contacts, download the history of calls, start campaigns, etc. In addition, to receive live call notifications use webhook or websocket.

Ready CRM integrations

TelTel can be easily integrated with your CRM or helpdesk. Get instant access to customer cards with necessary data when calls are diverted to your agents, allowing them to quickly orient viewing customer history and make notes during calls.

Smart list of Missed calls

Show the list of missed and unprocessed calls. If a customer calls back again and resolves the issue, it automatically removes it from the list. Learn which of your missed calls were and were not resolved by your agents thanks to the Smart detection feature.


Each line can have its own voice mailbox which can be operated directly via the telephone or via the user-friendly web interface. New message alerts are shown on the IP phone. The message can be forwarded to the user's email.

Call transfer

TelTel IP PBX allows you to set a call transfer or to forward calls from a user’s normal phone number to their mobile phone, short number or group. This transfer/forward retains the original Caller ID.

Queues of incoming calls

Customers hear the music in the background while the call is forwarded to the first available agent.

International, short, Toll-free numbers

Claim any type of number for your business in 100+ countries — even if your team works a continent away.

Number portability

If you already have numbers, we are able to take over from your operator or divert through the SIP channel.


For example, if the operator can not be reached, the caller or the operator can receive a text message, an email or HTTP notifications. If an agent can not be reached, the caller can receive either text message or an email or HTTP notifications. There are multiple options available including call forwarding's.


Assign everyone on the team a personalized three-digit extension their colleagues can quickly dial.

Blocklist Numbers

Eliminate spam callers and bots so you can focus more on the conversations your business cares about.

Click to Dial

Save minutes every day by launching calls in the TelTel dashboard with a single click. Make calls instantly to boost your team productivity.

Call Whispering

Secretly speak to teammates while they are on a live call so you can provide timely advice.

Call Masking

The Call Masking feature ensures that your personal phone number stays private. No need to share your phone number with everyone you are calling — share it only with the callers you choose

Agent status

In order to distinguish which agent is unoccupied at the moment, the agent status feature enables your agents to set up their availability. Supervisors will be able to define custom statuses (Lunch, meeting, break, etc.) and compare users productivity using a wide range of analytical tools.

Text to speech

Free your human resources and replace regular calls with the text to speech feature. You can use speech to text in both incoming and outgoing lines, either answering incoming inquiries or making reminder calls automatically.


Your data is duplicated into multiple TelTel nodes in different modern data centers with 24/7 monitoring. It makes whole data and VoIP services be safe and well protected.

Access and user permissions

Create diverse permission groups with multi-levels of access and authority to your employees. The whole software is customizable and allows allocating different access to contact lists, tools, features, IP addresses to each user group separately.


Webphone and SIP calls are encrypted with VPN and SRTP, ensuring your workflow is private and secure.

Call Webhooks

TelTel sends requests to your application via HTTP webhook or websocket. Those requests contain information about all calls including multiple parameters such as phone numbers, caller id, user, start time, duration, audio recording url, etc.


+Copy TelTel javascript into your web system and enjoy the webphone directly from your system, including calls, click 2 dial and more.

Callback calls

Using TelTel API, you can initialize callbacks by sending HTTP requests. The system will make two calls - connecting your agent and the customer.

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