How does it work?

  1. Login to TelTel webpage from your browser and open the Telemarketing tool. Create a campaign and upload a list with contacts containing the necessary data according to your calling strategy. Lastly, assign relevant agents to your campaigns. You can create multiple ones at a time.
  2. Every agent logs in to TelTel web, signs in to his account, and opens a Telemarketing tool. They will see only specific campaigns assigned to them beforehand. By opening the campaign and clicking the “Start” button - agents can start making calls.
  3. The current contact entry card opens on the agent screen right before each call, allowing them to get acquainted with the necessary customer information to make calls personalized.
  4. Using the click2call feature, agents significantly save time by making calls with 1 click. In addition, plenty of SMS and Email templates can be prepared in order to provide customers with required information right after calls.
  5. Using special forms for data, agents can fill in customer information during or after calls. It significantly helps to boost your sales by viewing the communication history with each and every contact. All data is being saved automatically in your database.


  1. Reach contacts with a single click, not spending time dialing.
  2. Save time on making calls, and sending SMS and Emails with pre-imported templates.
  3. Easy export and import contacts.
  4. View contact cards and entry data during a call.
  5. The comprehensive information is well-structured, including agents, calls, and comments.
  6. Keep track of real-time progress of each agent individually by viewing call analytics and evaluating audio playbacks.

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