Ensure your calls are of good quality

Make calls through your phone, pc, or webphone. Having more than 35 interconnections with global operators, we ensure stable connection and good quality calling to any destination worldwide. Customer support is always in touch and can find a necessary route upon your request. Alternatively, the system will automatically switch to an alternative operator to prevent downtime in case of any issue. Multiple server nodes in different locations will grant the uptime by switching to another server on datacenter failure.

Maximize the probability of reaching contacts

We recommend using constant number rotation to increase the overall answer rate of your calls. With TelTel, you can order almost any international number and easily assign a number pool to the agent groups. In such a manner, there is no need to remember or set up a number before calling – the system analyzes communication history, and picks a number to increase the possibility of getting in touch with your targets. If working worldwide, it is considerably better to call customers using local numbers rather than international ones as they will pick up more likely. Use all communication tools - voice calls, sms text, emails

One workspace for all operations

Integrate your CRM or system with TelTel enabling your agents to operate in your CRM only. It allows you to make calls with a single click directly from your system and audio recordings will be attached to appropriate customers. When receiving incoming calls, client profiles automatically open in your CRM showing all client information.

Enhance the quality of your agents

Control your team’s statistics with a wide range of statistical tools and call metrics, either individual or for a team as a whole. Using "call whispering" and "call barging" contributes to the effective training of inexperienced agents in real-time.The conversation analyzer shows less progressive calls allowing to save time on quality assurance thus helping team leaders to identify problematic calls fast without time-consuming listening of all playbacks. The MOS analyzer helps to identify network problems by detecting agents with bad internet connections.

Increase the number of outbound calls

Auto dialer facilitates the conduct of your outbound campaigns, doing the dialing job instead of agents. Once the connection is established, the call will be diverted to a free agent - in such a way your team is taking only answered calls instead of making them. It allows increasing the number of calls up to 2 times since agents won’t wait on connection and unsuccessful calls.

Let the system do some tasks automatically

There are processes that could be done automatically, allowing your agents to save time and concentrate on first-priority tasks. Automated SMS and Emails campaigns are great ways to remind about upcoming payment deadlines or other commitments agreed upon. Furthermore, you can set up Robocalls that take care of the dialing job and can playback pre-recorded or individual text to speech messages to your customers.

Have a clean contact database

Offline or switched-off phones, unable to reach debtors via phone - does it sound familiar? TelTel algorithms constantly verify numbers and arrogate statuses to keep your databases updated. Number Lookup helps to clean your database by filtering numbers to reveal inactive ones, and remove them from the pull thus agents won’t waste time on inactive contacts.

Keep your workflow structured and regulated

Create diverse permission groups with multi-levels of access and authority to your employees. The whole software is customizable and allows to allocate access to contact lists, tools, features, IP addresses to each user group separately. Set a clear hierarchy and enjoy the well-coordinated work of all your departments.

Boost the productivity of your agents

Place a live-monitoring TV in your call center displaying KPIs and statistics of your agents in real-time. Analyze and compare agents' statistics, including tracking their lunches, breaks, meetings, and other working statuses finding weak points of every agent. This tool proved to be highly effective by creating a competitive spirit and motivating your team with a reward for top-notch performance.

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