We believe in Your success. Our goal is to empower our clients with profit-making solutions, providing Your business with powerful tools of modern communication. Cloud based, easily accessible and ready to go in minutes from anywhere in the world where you can get online. Instantly scalable from one user private account to call- center with thousands of agents. Integrable with Your existing tools. Backed up with VoIP enthusiasts and professionals. We are ensuring sucessfull business in Europe, Africa, Asia, Americas and Australia with clients ranging from small shops, with 2-3 agents, to large call centers. They choose us because we are focused on our clients success. We are reliable, stable, accessible and easy to use. Our story begins with bulk SMS platform “AdForte” established in 2004. by Jānis Grīnbergs, the CEO of TelTel. Under the requirements of the clients, AdForte was a ground zero for birth of TelTel project. Starting with simple calls and SMS in one cloud based platform, forged by client requests and our developers into advanced call-center solution, in 2020. TelTel marked their ground by being one of the fastest growing businesses in Latvia.

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