SIA “TelTel” is committed to respecting your privacy and recognizes the importance of the personal data, by which you can be identified, such as your name, address, e-mail address and specified phone numbers ("Personal Data"). SIA “TelTel” will not provide your Personal Data to any third party without your consent.

Cancellation policy

If you are unhappy with our service and wish to cancel your order or arrange a refund, please email us and we will arrange the cancellation and refund. SIA “TelTel” will arrange a refund in amount you have on Your account (the credit left) under any circumstances You name as a reason to request a refund.

You may request a refund to your bank account any time; we will withhold a fee for a bank transaction according to our bank’s price list for a payment. You may request a credit or debit card refund within 7 days and PayPal refund – within 30 days; such refund transactions will be free of charge.  We will answer to your refund request within 24 hours and You are required to consider refund and come back to us within 48 hours.

Terms of Use

1. Used terms:

Customer - private individual or legal entity that uses the Service
Credit - money paid by the Customer as a prepayment to use the Service.
Force Majeure - the factors that are outside the Operator's control and does not allow the Operator to provide services, including but not limited to: natural disasters, wars, strikes, public nuisance, power disruptions, disturbances of other electronic communications networks, prohibitions of government and municipal institutions, law, actions of third parties.
Operator - Service provider "TelTel" SIA (limited liability company), registration number 40103143723, legal address: Lakstigalu iela 4, Garkalne, Garkalnes nov. LV-2137
Service - prepaid international call service, for which valid tariffs (available at :DOMAIN) are applied.

2. General terms

2.1. The Terms define relationship between the Operator and the Customer, including order of connection, delivery and termination of the Service, payment for the Service, and order of submission and prevention of complaints.
2.2. The Terms are binding for the Operator and the Customer from the moment the Customer starts to use the Service, unless the Operator and the Customer has not agreed in writing for other terms.
2.3. The Operator has the right to amend the Terms unilaterally. The valid Terms are publicly available at the Operator’s website :DOMAIN.
2.4. To use the Service it is not required to enter into a written contract between the Customer and the Operator, but this possibility exists as an individual solution at the Customer’s initiative.
2.5. The Customer is eligible to apply for Latvian fixed public numbers, for free or for additional cost. These numbers are regulated by the Law on Electronic Communications. 

3. Order of connection, delivery and termination of the Service

3.1. To start using the Service, the Customer must register in a system at :DOMAIN. After the registration the Customer receives by e-mail a username and a password to access the system. The Customer agrees not to disclose the username and password to third parties.
3.2. The Customer is entitled at any time to terminate the use of the Service and ask to return the paid-in but unused Credit by sending a request to the Operator's e-mail :MAIL_OFFICE.
3.3. The Operator is entitled to restrict or terminate the delivery of the Service to the Customer:
3.3.1. if the Customer uses the Service without obeying the Terms or the law of the Republic of Latvia;
3.3.2. if the Customer uses the Service for activities that interfere with the operations of the network and/or provision of the Service to other users;
3.3.2. because of the Force Majeure - for a time until the Force Majeure stops or the consequences of the Force Majeure are eliminated.

4. Payment for the Service

4.1. To start using the Service, the Customer shall pay in the Credit in an amount the Customer plans to make calls, considering the current tariff plan, published at the Operator's website :DOMAIN.
4.2. The Customer's account with the Credit is activated within 12 (twelve) hours from the moment the Credit is paid in, but usually – within one hour.

5. Order of connection, delivery and termination of the Service

5.1. The Customer may submit a complaint about the Service to the Operator using the contacts (e-mail, phone number) at the Operator's website :DOMAIN.
5.2. The submitted complaints, as far as their solutions depend on the Operator, are processed within two days from the moment the complaints are submitted, during business days from 9-18.