Virtual call center

Virtual call center is hosted at our data center and you don’t have to set up a special equipment to use it. Jut sign up and define rules of processing your incoming calls and to which users they will be forwarded. Call reports, records, payments – all of this will be available at your TelTel account. To use IP telephony, you need only connect the IP phones or smart phones to the Internet. All phones will be connected in a single network, providing free calls to each other, even if your business offices are located in different countries. Our service is free of charge! We have developed it so You could setup IP telephony for Your company on Your own, or we can do it for You! Other costs

How to start using TelTel?

1. Sign up for free.
2. Choose device, e.g. installing application on a computer;
3. Make calls;
4. Using call flow builder you can create conditions how incomming calls will be processed.